data bank

Data Bank: Mitozoa

Description: Mitozoa is a database resource and search tools for comparative and evolutionary analyses of mitochondrial genomes in Metazoa

data bank

Data Bank: ASPicDB

Description: ASPicDB is a database of annotated transcript and protein variants generated by alternative splicing


Software Tool: Expedit

Description: ExpEdit is a webserver to explore human RNA editing in RNA-Seq experiments

data bank

Data Bank: PLANT-PIs

Description: PLANT-PIs is a database for protease inhibitors and their genes in higher plants. PLANT-PIs is developed to facilitate retrieval of information on the distribution and functional properties of protease inhibitors in higher plants


Patent: Biopeptides With Anti-Hypertensive Activity From Bovine Beta-Casein

Patent N°: WO2007017160

Application time: 2007

Authors: De Leo F., Gallerani R., Losacco M., Gobbetti M., Minervini F.

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