Biogenesis of Membranes for Energy Transduction

The research aims at the characterization and understanding of the molecular mechanisms that can explain the response of cellular organelles and prokaryotic systems involved in energy transduction, to different conditions of stress.

Biomembrane bioenergetics system: functional mechanism and patophysiology

The research activities concern expression, structure and assembly of membrane energy transducing systems of both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Structural and functional relationships of OXPHOS complexes.

Mitochondrial carriers: structure and functional mechanisms

It is involved in the identification and in the functional and structural characterization of mitochondrial membrane transporters belonging to the family SLC25 known as "mitochondrial carrier family (MCF)".

Nucleus/ cytoplasm/ mitochondria crosstalk in cellular homeostasis

Objective of the research is the study of signaling pathways and mitochondrial metabolism in different models of neurodegenerative/neurodevelopmental diseases and in cancer.

Study of molecular biodiversity for the development of innovative product and processes

Despite the great advances in biological research in recent years, we still have a very limited knowledge of the wide variety of species that inhabit the earth in its various environments, and their dynamics in relation to different ecosystems, environmental pollution and climate changes.

18 September 21 17:24

Amylomaltases in Extremophilic Microorganisms. 2021. Biomolecules . Sep 9;11(9):1335. Review

Claudia Leoni, Bruno A R Gattulli, Graziano Pesole, Luigi R Ceci, Mariateresa Volpicella biomolecules-11-01335-v3

14 May 19 16:56

Database: REDIdb

REDIdb is a freely available database that focuses on the organellar RNA editing process in plants organellar genomes and annotates each editing modification in its biological context. Currently the database is at its third version and contains 11,897 editing events spread over a total of 198 organisms and 929 different nucleotide sequences. REDIdb can be … Continue reading Database: REDIdb

18 October 19 12:58

New methods for risk stratification for progression of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease in patients in Montenegro (DEMONSTRATE)

SCIENTIFIC-RESEARCH PROJECT n° 01-781/2 New methods for risk stratification for progression of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease in patients in Montenegro (DEMONSTRATE)

28 May 15 18:32

Next Generation Human Microbiome Research

Supervisor: Prof. Nicola Segata
Seminar, 2015, March 19, 15.30 - Room A

20 May 15 9:44

13 marzo Unistem Day 2015

Venerdì 13 marzo 2015 – ore 9.00-13.00

21 October 14 12:38

Dynamics of the human microbiome

Relatore: Prof. Rob Knight
21 Ottobre 2014

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